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Hiring app developers, choosing between native, web and hybrid apps, developing for both iOS and Android, and ensuring the app works across all mobile devices – all this makes mobile development very complex, especially for enterprise applications like Oracle’s.

Applications built in the pre-cloud era are fundamentally different from their modern counterparts. Most Oracle applications are aging and require a carefully-planned migration to the cloud.

Talent Developing Mobile Apps

Integrating Cloud & On-Premise

Enforcing Security Policies

Setting Up Access Controls

Integrating & Accessing Data


Mobile Solutions

To enable access to Oracle applications from mobile devices it requires role-based access controls (RBAC) across multiple devices. Depending on the setup, it may also require integration with external tools like Active Directory. 


The data in Oracle applications become more valuable when they can be integrated with data housed in other systems. But data integration between legacy and modern apps is a big challenge. Good data management results in low latency, real-time access, and mature offline functionality on mobile devices.

Security is the top priority for any business application. In a mobile-first world, there are new challenges like device management, especially in BYOD scenarios, and data encryption in transit and at rest.

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